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Is it hot in here or is it me?

Crowdsourcing: Good For Design?

Stumbled across this interesting article on the BBC news site today over lunch. The idea of customer led product development is certainly intriguing and I can see both the benefits and the pit falls. On the one hand you could develop products that meet a need of the consumer exactly, targeting a specific need and solving problems without having to conduct in depth market research and focus groups. You also get a wealth of ideas and at a lower cost. It could be seen as quite gimmicky, as in many instances consumers need to be led some of the way into committing to a new product offering, as on some occasions they don’t know what they want until they see it. Interesting that has made this a feature of their business and it shows how integrated we are with the far east in terms of product sourcing and manufacture if bespoke items like this can be made and are deemed to be financially viable.

Personally I would be interested to see how the intricacies of this process works; who is developing the concepts for manufacture?, what is the quality of the products produced? Moreover what about the role of the designer, are we deemed out of touch with the consumer?

Maybe we could all learn something from Crowd sourcing, personally though I feel it is a step towards design by committee, and I am with Jaron Lanier when he says:

“Do you really think that Simon Cowell would have promoted the Beatles through some show where the crowd was voting? … Of course not.”

Screen technology of the future

I always get really excited about these sorts of things. E-Ink surfaces and walls transparent screens, the ability to flick media from one device to another without the need for laborious sharing processes.  However I still feel that even though screen technology is obviously going to advance beyond recognition the way we interact with a computer has hardly changed at all since the conception of the personal computer.  I hope this will change accordingly, incorporating gesture recognition etc.

Tokyo Time-lapse

Really totally amazing time-lapse video of Tokyo.

Puma Fuseproject

Puma’s “Clever little Bag”, is an innovative, intelligent alternative to the problem of wasteful shoe boxes. It is easier to transport and distribute, requiring no assembly. It is sustainable design at its best and is part of Puma’s ongoing commitment to be greener and more environmentally aware.

Delight Cloth Material

Japan’s Tsuya Textile Company, in conjunction with the Fukui Engineering Center, has developed Delight Cloth, a “light-emitting textile” made from fiber optic strands woven into a sort of tapestry. A light source is required, but when this is integrated into the clothing  the effects are jaw-dropping.  Colours can be controlled to allow garments to be customized and flexible to the users fashion style.